A healthy approach to life is a mainstay of the A&G philosophy, Our database contains wellness consultants of the highest skill with a breadth of experience who can be at your disposal to advise on a wide range of services from nutrition and fitness, yoga, short term raw food cooking courses to martial arts tuition and meditation.




Our specialty is providing reliable transportation for frequent travellers, we understand the unique needs of our customers and our services has been structured to easily accommodate clients that travel 24/7. Equipped with all the latest equipment, our office co-ordinates with the driver while on the road to avoid back-ups ensuring your safe and timely arrival.



To experience the simplicity and ease of our online travel planning, corporate and lifestyle management, submit your request and a dedicated consultant will respond promptly.


We are mindful that all rental homes are not created equal. We focus on villas and apartments that meet our onsite checklist for comfort and suitable amenities - a quality home at a good value. It is our duty to inspect and revisit every villa or apartment we rent ensuring our rentals meet your expectations, continuously enhancing the comfort of our guests.



 We offer a swift response to all your restaurant booking requests wherever you are in the world. In addition, we aim to delivery the right look and feel for all your food and beverage needs.



PERSONAL SECURITY -To meet your needs, we can provide high-calibre male and female operatives to protect you, your people and your assets. The members of our high-calibre workforce are professional, discreet and UK-government vetted.

Our expertise covers personal close protection, managing daily conflict and working with high-profile clients (including royal families, government officials and delegations and sports teams). Our approach to rigorous personnel selection is a winning formula with our clients.

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